We offer practical Magento 2 training courses at our Reken location. Depending on the focus, we provide basic knowledge or specialist knowledge over a one to two-day workshop. The Magento 2 training courses are therefore suitable for beginners as well as for users who would like to refresh or expand their already acquired knowledge.

During an intensive training, we deal with concrete problems in a team and find solutions that exactly fit your use case. Our training rooms are equipped with modern facilities and offer space for a maximum of twelve people. For a Magento 2 training course, a number of participants of 2-6 people has proven to be very productive.

Our instructor is a Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist and has 15+ years of experience as a web developer. As Managing Director of fluidweb GmbH, he is responsible for the development and operation of e-commerce solutions and has already been loyal to the Magento community since the early days (of version 1.3.).

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