With our partner WM GROUP, we offer customized e-commerce logistics solutions with Magento that grow flexibly and individually with your requirements.

WM GROUP is known for solution-oriented, high-quality logistics. With the customer in mind, the company provides its services silently along the entire value chain - from value packaging to contract and distribution logistics.

WM GROUP works with automated conveyor techniques and computerized inventory management and control. Automation and the use of individual packaging and qualified transport management enable on-time and smooth delivery to the end customer. In order to meet customer-specific requirements, we offer a wide range of value-added services.

The service package of WM GROUP is rounded off by a customer-specific returns management. Quickly and without complications, we take care of the collection, inspection, recording and feedback of individual returns, entirely in accordance with your specifications.

Our logistics solutions for e-commerce:

  • Standardized store connection
  • Webshop development
  • CrossDocking e. e. for Amazon FBA
  • Goods receiving incl. QA inspection and reporting
  • Picking and packing
  • Handling of bulky goods
  • Individual storage strategies (stock goods from production, end customer order-related goods, trading goods)
  • Individual packaging
  • Late cut-off times
  • Private customer delivery via all common CEP service providers possible
  • Worldwide shipping incl. customs clearance (certified by AEO)
  • Returns management according to customer-specific specifications
  • Value-added services (e. B. Packaging, labeling, display construction)
  • Extensive reporting capabilities


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