Professional cloud infrastructure in Düsseldorf

Future-proof: Our managed cloud infrastructure is based on the principle of providing server infrastructure that is scalable and fail-safe at all times. As a result, the system is technically capable of easily absorbing load peaks by temporarily increasing capacity, implementing individual performance requirements and accessing additional resources at any time. This is not possible with classic server hosting.

Absolutely secure: In the event of a hardware failure, the remaining nodes of the cluster take over the virtual servers from our centralized Ceph storage within seconds.



The strength of cloud hosting lies in the ability to individually set all parameters of the servers such as CPU, RAM or storage space. This has the advantage that you can start with a small configuration and pay only what is actually needed. If the requirements increase or are needed only in a certain period of time, such as Christmas sales or online campaigns, we can add performance at any time without complicated system changes.




All customer systems are delivered within the cloud infrastructure and benefit from the resilience and performance of the entire server infrastructure. An overview of our standardized offerings can be found here:

Managed Magento Server
Managed Drupal Server
Managed Wordpress Server


Data centre with 2100 gigabit/s connection and 99.95 % uptime 

Perfectly housed: Our servers are located in the data center of MyLoc Managed IT AG in Düsseldorf. The data center is certified according to ISO 27001 and naturally has all the security standards required for fail-safe operation. With 6,500 m² of data center space according to "Tier III+" standard, there is sufficient space available. The external connection is 2100 Gigabit/s and, in addition to 20 other providers, there is a direct connection to Germany's largest Internet backbone (DE-CIX) with 100 GBit/s and to Frankfurt with 1000 GBit/s.

The data center has its own block-type thermal power station for local power and air-conditioning supply and has additional safeguards against power failures with UPS power supply and emergency power units (NEA). The data center guarantees us an annual average availability of 99.95%.

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