Our Magento 2 extension “Customer Documents” is a useful extension for your online store, if you want to provide a central document repository for customers in Magento 2. Via the rights system you decide which document is made available to a customer, a customer group, all customers or publicly.


  • You distribute price lists to a specific customer group
  • You send technical documents to a customer
  • You make marketing material available to your dealers
  • Your ERP system stores invoices in the customer area
  • Warranty documents are stored centrally
  • Software licenses are added to an order
  • and much more

MWith our Magento 2 extension Customer Documents you can easily build a self-service portal for your customers.

As soon as you have added a new document, the customer can view and download this document in his personal login. Optionally, the customer is automatically notified of the new document by email.

Documents such as invoices and delivery bills that are generated directly by Magento automatically end up in the customer’s personal document repository. Third party systems like ERP or WAWI can be easily connected via REST API to send documents to the Magento 2 system. 

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Document management

Feature list document storage for Magento 2

  • Arbitrary document types
  • Assignment Document > Type
  • Assignment Documents > Customer > Group
  • Assignment Documents Public
  • Email notification
  • Visible in customer login
  • Visible in frontend as widget/block
  • REST API (Premium feature)

M2 Customer Documents

49 EUR

Magento Extension as rental license incl. updates
Price per month for 12 months.
1 month cancellation period.

Extension for Magento 2.2.x/2.3.x/2.4.x
installation + 450 EUR
Updates via Git/Composer
New functions incl.
Security updates incl.
Customization (optional)
Full service compatibility
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