What does "Ceph Cluster" actually mean? You will find this and many other terms simply explained here.

In computing, cache refers to a fast buffer memory that helps to avoid (repeated) accesses to a slow background medium or costly recalculations. Data that has already been loaded or generated once remains in the cache so that it can be retrieved more quickly from it when it is needed later. Also…

Ceph is a distributed storage solution. Together with RADOS (reliable autonomic distributed object store), it is an object store that can be distributed redundantly over any number of servers.

Ceph offers the user three types of storage: The object store, virtual block devices and CephFS…

The chroot environment is a security feature that seals off individual computer programs from the computer as a whole.

Network hardware from Cisco and Brocade.

In information technology and the Internet, a cloud is a data center with a broadband network connection, large mass storage and high computing power.

Clouds represent a virtual storage space in which data and programs can be stored and processed and managed by multiple users.

In the computing world, a cluster is a group of interconnected standalone computers that behave like a virtual processor.

A computing node is a processing unit in a computer network that exclusively provides computer or computing power.

Core refers to a single core of a duo quad or multicore processor.

The entire resources with the exception of the bus and possibly some caches are available on the core. The core is a largely independent unit including its own register sets and arithmetic-logic unit.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart of a computer.

The processor is a programmable arithmetic unit, i.e. a machine or an electronic circuit that controls other machines or electrical circuits on the basis of transferred commands and thereby drives a process.

A query in the database is also called DB Queries.

A dedicated server is used exclusively by its owner. Only your own data is stored on it. With a virtual server or a shared server you share the hard disk and computing power with a lot of other websites and customers.

A high performance server from Dell.

A server that is available to the developer as a test environment. Development is done on the dev server and "live" it goes to the staging server.

I/O refers to the input and output. In the case of disk and network I/O, this refers to the traffic between hard disks and the network.

E-commerce mainly refers to trade on the Internet.

Extensions are additional packages that can be integrated into the main module. They give the basic module solutions that are individually tailored to the customer.

A firewall is a security system that protects a computer network or an individual computer from unwanted network access. More broadly, a firewall is also a sub-aspect of a security concept. Every firewall security system is based on a software component. The firewall software is used to restrict…

Git is used in the versioning of files. It is used in the programming area to monitor changes, undo them or make them available to others via so-called "repositories" (repos). Additionally it offers the possibility to get updates from others.

HA clusters are used to increase availability and improve reliability. In case of failure or error of one node of the cluster, the services are distributed to other nodes.

Hardware refers to all the physical components of a computer.