With the ‘Shopento’ brand, fluidweb offers e-commerce and cloud hosting / IaaS services for Magento. The company runs Proxmox VE based virtual datacenters at various independent locations in Germany.

“Our Proxmox VE clusters consist of several Dell PowerEdge servers and are connected to the storage network with 10Gbit cards. Our cluster storage runs on Ceph which helps us to gain extremly great performance. The clusters are completely redundant; hardware failovers of a node are no problem because the gateways will be moved with HA directly on another node. Our internal cluster-wide networking allows us to provide an individual and scalable infrastructur as a service (IaaS) concept to our customers.”

“We prefer the LXC container technology with Proxmox VE because containers deliver the best performance for our use. By using LXC we can host our e-commerce applications without any headaches.”

Daniel Jotzo, CEO fluidweb GmbH